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This page shows the service fees that will be charged from customers whose actions have caused 24 Rental Network Oy additional costs. These service fees are part of our Rental Terms and were updated on April 11, 2022.

Please note that this translation is intended for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the Finnish original and this English translation, the Finnish original shall prevail. Read the Finnish original here >

Charges for missing items

Access card to a parking facility: 100 €
Charging cable (plug-in hybrid): 400 €
Document (instructions etc.): 25 €
Hand truck: 150 €
Vehicle brush (cargo): 20 €
Vehicle brush (passenger compartment): 20 €
Other missing items: according to the prices listed by the original manufacturer or its representative

Charges for violations

Exceeding the mileage cap: 0,20 €/km
Failing to fill up the vehicle: 50 € + fuel
Failing to notify of damage, investigation fees: 100 €/t, min. 2 h
Failing to return an electric vehicle to the instructed charging station: 400 €/towing
Failing to return the vehicle as instructed: 100 €
Failing to return the vehicle in time: 100 € + 50 € / hour (or part of an hour)
Fraud-related investigations: 100 €/h
Handing the vehicle over to a third party without permission: 400 €
Leaving the vehicle lights on: 100 €
Leaving the vehicle unlocked upon return: 100 €
Parking violation (towing done by 24Rent): 100 €
Parking violation (towing done by City authorities): towing charge + 50 € (processing fee)
Parking violation / failing to park as instructed (vehicle moved during inspection): 30 €
Processing fee for a traffic violation: 30 €
Processing of congestion charges: 10 €
Processing of parking violations: 50 €
Returning an electric vehicle without plugging it into a charger: 150 €
Road service for an electric car with an empty battery: 200 € + 400 € towing
Smoking in the vehicle: 200 €
Taking the vehicle abroad without permission: 500 € + 60 €/day
Using additional services without permission: three times the original price
Using road service due to user fault: 250 €
Using the keys to lock the doors when returning the vehicle: 100 € + idle time (max. 7 days)

Charges for damages

According to the Damage Price Guide (https://www.24rent.fi/vaurio-ja-vahinkohinnasto/)

Charges in cases involving compensatory damages

All fees related to cases involving compensatory damages are charged from the customers in full. These include handing the vehicle over to a third party without permission, fraud, failing to notify of damages to the vehicle and blatant breach of the Rental Terms.

Other charges

Activating a MiniLease contract during the termination period: 50 €
Changing vehicle to a started reservation on customer request: 100 € +  possible price difference
Cleaning: 50 € / hour (or part of an hour)
Empty battery: 100 €
Failure to provide, when requested, photographs taken when the vehicle was picked up / returned: 1 800 €
Handling and storage of lost items (max. 14 days): 25 €
Having to involve governmental authorities because of a breach of contract by the renter: 500 €
Investigations by public officials in violations and offences of various nature: 250 € / hour (or part of an hour)
Labour-intensive cleaning: 100 € + 50 € / part of an hour (clean-up operations requiring extra work and care)
Making changes to the reservation on customer request: 20 €
Processing fee for additional services purchased: 10 €
Processing fee for extra work caused by the Renter: 50 €
Processing fee for MiniLease cancellation: a month’s rental fee

The service fees listed here replace all earlier service fees.