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Insurance coverage and deductible

Fair peer to peer casco

When making a reservation, you will find the option for the Fair peer-to-peer deductible and its discount. We want to be the most cost-effective choice for our customers, which is why our service bookings operate under the Fair peer-to-peer coverage. Previously, we insured our cars with traditional comprehensive insurance, which also increased the price of our customers’ reservations. Now, most of the damages to our cars are covered through Fair peer-to-peer coverage, eliminating additional insurance costs and providing better value for our customers.


The deductible relates to insurance. It is the amount you have to pay in the event of damage. The deductible applies to motor vehicle insurance, which compensates for damages caused to the innocent party, as well as, for example, elk and fire insurances. Damages that fall outside of the insurance cannot be offset by the deductible, and the customer must pay them in full.

It’s worth noting that in the event of damage, in addition to the deductible, the customer will also have to pay other charges, such as handling fees, billing surcharges, and compensation for downtime days.


You can purchase a reduced deductible when making your reservation. The reduced deductible is only valid if you have paid for it before the start of your reservation. If you have purchased the reduced deductible and, for example, have an accident, you will have to pay less than the standard amount. Please note that the deductible reduction also applies in the case of windshield and tire damage, so it is advisable to buy the deductible reduction along with additional protections.

Reduced deductible 24Rent

What kind of insurance do the 24Rent cars have?

Cars have traffic insurance that covers damages caused to the innocent party. In the event of a traffic accident, you pay a standard compensation according to the rental terms for the loss of traffic insurance bonuses or any other increase effect.

During the rental period, the liability for the vehicle is on you, and you are responsible for any damages to the car according to the deductible related to your reservation. If the car has to be completely taken out of service for repairs due to possible damage, you will also be responsible for the downtime for a maximum of seven days.

basic deductible and peer-to-peer insurance- 24Rent

The deductible does not limit the booker’s liability in all situations

Liability is full under the terms specified in the rental terms. For instance, for damages caused by driving in clearly too tight and low spaces, or while intoxicated, you are fully responsible for the resulting costs. Damages will also be charged with handling fees and billing surcharges.

Basic deductible is always included in the reservation price. We recommend purchasing reduced deductible always together with additional insurances.