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24Rent FAQ

This page contains simple questions and answers regarding 24Rent

About us

What is 24Rent?

24Rent is a Finnish shared car service and the market leader in Finland. We have vehicles in over 30 cities and towns across the country.

Renting a vehicle from 24Rent is as easy as it can be. There is no need to fill in any paperwork, and you can rent a vehicle of your choice for as long as you need it – hours or days. All you need is a modern phone, as the whole rental process is entirely digital. We do not have any monthly fees nor a lengthy vetting process. Your first rental can be on the day you need the car! Check out our video to see how the rental process works: https://youtu.be/GI_w3VZrQ5s

Where’s your office?

We don’t have an office as such. Our premise is that the rental process should be quick and effortless. We operate solely online, so that you can reserve, pick-up, and return a vehicle when it suits you best, 24/7.

Our vehicles can be found in parking lots and garages as well as along streets to ensure easy around-the-clock access and a smooth rental experience.

What is a shared vehicle?

A shared vehicle is one owned by a company or organization that is made available for the customers of the company or members of the organization. The difference with traditional car rental firms is that you can rent a shared vehicle for very short periods of time. You also manage both the pick up and return yourself by relying on provided instructions without being tied to strict office hours.

Do I need to share the vehicle with other people?

Shared vehicles can have several users within one day. However, during your rental period the vehicle is reserved just for you. Always remember to empty the vehicle of your possessions and pick up any trash at the end of your reservation, so that the next customer can start their journey with a nice and clean vehicle.

Renting a vehicle

Where can I find your Rental Terms?

Our Rental Terms are on our website at https://www.24rent.fi/en/rental-terms/. Please read the terms carefully before making a reservation.

Why do I need to provide a security deposit after I paid for the reservation and sent the required photos?

If your reservation requires a security deposit, we will not confirm your reservation until the deposit has been paid. Our right to request for a security deposit is stated in our Rental Terms that you have accepted when making the reservation.

Usually we require a security deposit for one of the following reasons:

  • You are a new customer, unfamiliar to us, and we cannot confirm your identity reliably.
  • The personal information you gave us is inadequate, unclear or contains conflicting details.
  • We have reason to believe that identity theft or payment card fraud has occurred.
  • We doubt your ability to pay for the damages should an accident happen.
  • The information you gave us has been used in several unsuccessful reservations earlier.
  • The booking is a last-minute one.
  • The vehicle will be taken across the border during the reservation.

We check your right to drive once you have made a reservation and paid for it. Your eligibility cannot be validated beforehand. If there are issues with your reservation after you have sent us the required photos, we may set a security deposit for your reservation.

I don’t have a driver’s license. Can I still rent a vehicle?

Only someone with a valid driver’s license can rent a vehicle from us. The renter must also be eligible to drive the vehicle in question. You cannot make a reservation for someone else. However, you can pay for someone else’s reservation.

The reservation is in my name. Can someone else drive the vehicle as well?

Yes. You can add an extra driver to your reservation for a set fee. You also need to let us know the phone number of the other driver when you make the reservation so that they can use their phone to manage the reservation.

Note that the person who made the reservation is always responsible for the vehicle and that also the extra driver must be over 18 years of age.

What’s the mileage limit on a reservation?

You can choose the mileage allowance yourself when you make the reservation. The per-day options vary from a set limit to unlimited mileage. For example, if you select 100 km as your daily mileage allowance for a two-day reservation, you can drive a total of 200 km. If you choose unlimited mileage, you pay the daily charge for each day (or part of the day) of your reservation.

Note that fuel is never included. You must always fill up the tank just before you return the vehicle.

Are there load straps or tie-downs in the vans?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any straps or ropes, as they tend to go missing. To secure your cargo load, you need to bring your own equipment. All our vans have anchor points to which you can attach your straps.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are welcome in our vehicles as long as they are crated and do not leave odors, hair, or any other mess behind. Transporting pets without a carrier or crate is not allowed. Any mess caused by pets is subject to a cleaning fee.


Where do I find the car keys?

Initially, you unlock the doors through the m.24Rent.fi site. (Or through a text message, if you have no access to a smartphone.) You’ll then find the keys in the vehicle. The location of the keys is detailed both in the email instructions we have sent you and on the m.24Rent.fi site. If you cannot find the keys, please contact us through the m.24Rent.fi site.

Always lock and unlock the doors with the keys during your reservation. Upon return, return the keys to the instructed location and use the m.24Rent.fi site to lock the doors. (You can also use a text message, if you have no access to a smartphone.)

Never use the keys to lock the doors at the end of your reservation! If you do so, the next customer cannot unlock the doors. If you misplace the keys or take them with you, you are liable for all ensuing costs and damages in full, as stated in our Rental Terms.

How do I unlock the doors?

Use the m.24Rent.fi to unlock the doors at the start of your reservation. If you cannot use the m.24Rent.fi site, you can open the doors with a text message. You’ll find a link to the instructions in the confirmation email we sent you.

The doors won’t unlock. What should I do?

It may take a few seconds for the doors to unlock, so please be patient. If you are using a text message command to unlock the doors, the delay may be caused by problems in your phone operator’s network. If you are using the m.24Rent.fi site to unlock the doors, the speed of your data connection determines how quickly the doors are unlocked.

If the doors aren’t unlocked after a short wait, please contact our Customer Service.

During the reservation

What do I do, if someone damages my vehicle?

If someone damages the vehicle you have rented, let us know immediately either through the m.24Rent.fi site or by text message. Remember to send us a photograph depicting the damage. If the person who caused the damage is there but refuses to take responsibility, call the police.

We’ll send you a link to the Damage Report form by email. Fill in the report and send it to us, so that we can get a full picture of what happened and can start processing the matter.

What do I do, if I damage the vehicle?

If you have an accident that damages the vehicle, let us know through the m.24Rent.fi site. Remember to include a photograph of the damage. We will then send you a link to our Damage Report form by email. Fill in the form and send it to us through the m.24Rent.fi site. If you are unable to use the site, send the form to us as instructed in the email we send you.

All damages are invoiced in accordance with our Damage Price Guide. Please note that in some cases we will not send the invoice until the damage has been repaired. This may take up to three years from the date we learned about the damage.

You should always report all damages to the vehicle, as they always come to light. If you fail to notify us of damages, you are liable for all costs related to investigating the damage, as well as all costs related to the repair of the damage.

What do I do, if I have an accident?

If you are involved in a road accident, remain calm and follow the standard accident procedure. Check that nobody is in danger, prevent further accidents and help anyone who is hurt. If other parties are involved, call the police. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other party and take photographs of the vehicle(s) and the scene of the accident. Take another set of photographs when you return the vehicle.

Let our Customer Service know about the accident. They will tell you what to do next. We will send you a link to our Damage Report form by email. Fill in the report and send it to us, so that we can get a full picture of what happened and can start processing the matter.

I was late returning the vehicle. Do I need to pay extra?

If it looks like you won’t make it back in time, purchase an extension through the m.24Rent.fi site or by text message to avoid extra costs. If there is another reservation directly after yours, extending the reservation is not an option and you must return the vehicle as agreed.

Even if you are only a little late, it triggers an alert in our system, which in turn causes extra work and costs. Therefore, we must charge for all late returns. This is also stated in our Rental Terms. If you return the vehicle late, we’ll send you an invoice by email within a few weeks of your rental period.

Why do I need to take photos of the vehicle upon pick up and drop off?

Photographing the vehicle at the start and end of your reservation as well as reporting any new damage are integral parts of using shared vehicles. It serves us all when the vehicles are kept in good condition. It also helps to keep costs down, allowing us to continue providing a quality service for a fair price.

Take photos of the vehicle through the m.24Rent.fi site from four sides before you set off and when you return it. Although not required, you should also photograph the cabin. If you cannot send the photos through the m.24Rent.fi site, keep them safe for a year after your reservation. The photos are there to protect you in any damage claims. You can use them to show the state of the vehicle at the start and end of your reservation.

The vehicle has been ticketed. What should I do?

If you find a parking ticket at the start of your reservation, do not worry! You are not liable for the illegal parking of the previous renter. Take a photo of the parking ticket and send it to us through the m.24Rent.fi site. We will then take care of the matter.

Note that you are responsible for any parking tickets you receive during your reservation. You are also liable for any parking tickets that are due to your illegal parking at the end of your reservation.

Ending the reservation

Where do I return the vehicle?

Unless otherwise instructed, always return the vehicle to the same place from which you picked it up. You’ll find the return address also in the email we sent you.

Can I return the vehicle somewhere else than the pick-up location?

Unless otherwise instructed, you must always return the vehicle to the place where you picked it up from.

My trip was a short one. Do I need to fill up the tank?

You must always fill up the tank, regardless of the length of your drive. Surely you yourself would not like to pay for someone else’s trip. Our system monitors visits to filling stations automatically. If you fail to fill up the tank when returning the vehicle, we will charge you for the missing fuel and a service fee. For details, see our service fees page.

The vehicle is dirty. Do I need to wash it?

If the vehicle gets very dirty during your reservation, you need to wash it before returning it. Shared vehicles may sometimes be dirty at the start of a reservation, often due to challenging weather. Small amounts of dust and dirt are merely aesthetically displeasing and do not affect driving. However, if the vehicle is extremely dirty and you are about to start a reservation spanning several days, please contact us through the m.24Rent.fi site.

Problems and issues

What if there’s a technical hitch or the vehicle won’t start?

Our vehicles are mostly new with a valid warranty, so technical problems are extremely rare. This does not, however, mean that nothing will ever go wrong, because sometimes it does. If this happens, we’re there for you. Our Customer Service is available 24/7 to help you should you have an accident or a technical issue. You’ll find the number to our helpline on the m.24Rent site and in the confirmation email we sent you.

I cannot access the m.24Rent.fi site. What should I do?

If the link you received does not work, close your browser and try again. If the problem is due to a poor network connection, move to a place with a stronger signal. If you still can’t access the m.24Rent.fi site, you can use text messages to start and end your reservation.

The windshield is cracked. Is it safe to drive?

The windshield is made of two thin layers of glass with a sheet of plastic between them. A crack should not lead to the windshield breaking or shattering, and the vehicle is safe to drive. However, if the crack is in your line of vision or hinders your ability to observe your surroundings during driving, please contact our Customer Service through the m.24Rent.fi site.

An indicator light is on. What should I do?

Check the manual to see the meaning of the warning light. Usually a yellow/orange indicator light is harmless, and you do not need to stop driving. A red light, however, indicates a problem that requires immediate action. If you see a red warning light on the dashboard, stop the vehicle in a safe place as soon as possible.

Sometimes an indicator light disappears when you switch the engine off and then on again. If this does not happen, take a photo of the indicator light and send it to us through the m.24Rent.fi site. Also check with our Customer Service if it is OK to continue to drive. With any red warning light, it is always best to call our Customer Service for instructions.

Below are some common indicator lights. They do not affect driving.

Injection fault or Check emissions/engine
This light sometimes comes on due to a sensor issue. You can continue to drive as you normally would if no other indicator lights are illuminated.

This indicator light indicates that the vehicle’s maintenance is due. You can ignore the light, and there is no need to contact us.

Tire pressure
Check the tire pressure at the nearest filling station. If everything is OK, you can continue your trip. Often the tire pressure indicator light comes on when the tires have been changed even though there is no problem with the pressure.

What do I do if the vehicle runs out of oil or windshield washer fluid?

You are responsible for ensuring that there is enough oil and windshield washer fluid in the vehicle for your reservation. If either runs out, you must add some more. It is important to ensure that only appropriate fluid is added.

If oil needs to be topped up, please contact us through the m.24Rent.fi site before doing anything. We will tell you the kind of oil you need to add. We will also compensate you for any oil you need to purchase.

Never add just water in the windshield washer fluid reservoir, as water will damage the vehicle when it freezes. Note that during the winter speed limit period you must ensure that the washer fluid you add is suitable for winter conditions (it must resist freezing in temperatures up to -20°C in Southern Finland and up to -35°C in Central and Northern Finland).

My phone died. What should I do?

You can manage your reservation from another phone by calling our Customer Service and letting us know your reservation ID. You can also access the m.24Rent.fi site from any phone as long as you log in using your own phone number. For safety reasons, text message commands only work from the phone numbers you gave us when you made the reservation.

Never lock the doors with the keys or take the keys with you when you return the vehicle even if you are experiencing problems with your phone.

Why can’t I take photos using the m.24Rent.fi site?

There may be a number of reasons why taking photos through the m.24Rent.fi site with your phone does not work. The most common are listed below.

  • You have not given camera permissions for the m.24Rent.fi site.
  • Your phone does not have enough memory to take the photos.
  • Your phone has blocking apps that prevent you taking photos.

Allow the m.24Rent.fi site access to your camera and try again. If you still cannot take the photos, use the camera app of your phone to take the photos and send them to us by email. You’ll find the address on the m.24Rent.fi site.