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Our Environmental Practices

We take care of the world around us

As Finland’s largest car-sharing service, we have a responsibility to act as the ethical leader in our industry. Our family-owned business’s management and staff genuinely care about the world around us. On our Environmental Practices page, we detail what we are doing for the environment. As a company, we strive to operate in all areas of our business in a way that promotes green living and biodiversity, and this goal is embraced by our entire management and staff.

Our aim is to minimize our company’s consumption every year. Our goal is to completely offset the carbon footprint generated by all of our operations. Once we achieve our goal, we can truthfully claim to be the most ecological domestic player in our field – we likely are already. Our customers can also choose to offset the carbon footprint generated by their rental. In this way, we can all work together in the best possible way to preserve nature’s biodiversity.

We take care of the world around us 24Rent

We strive to operate ecologically and sustainably across all our business areas:

  • We reduce emissions to land, water, and air from our operations in every possible way.
  • We minimize the use of water and energy in our daily operations.
  • We minimize waste generated from our activities and sustainably recycle all material resulting from our operations.
  • We require our partners to commit to achieving our goals.
  • We utilize environmentally friendly products and sustainable materials throughout our network.
  • We promote environmentally friendly purchasing behavior in our service.
  • We participate in domestic programs that enhance natural biodiversity.
  • We are transparent in calculating our company’s carbon footprint and annually offset the carbon footprint generated by our operations.
  • We comply with all relevant Finnish and EU regulations and directives.

Our Actions for the Environment

Staff and continuous environment training 24Rent

Staff and Continuous Training

A company is only as good as its staff. Our modern ecological operations require us to stay abreast of green innovations and practices. We regularly train our staff to act more ecologically and sustainably in accordance with our values.

We demand a lot from our staff in terms of green thinking and action, but in doing so, we are also giving back to their children and all future generations. Many of our eco-initiatives originate from our staff. We encourage our personnel to be proactive in their actions to secure a green future and the preservation of nature’s biodiversity.

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Fleet 24Rent

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Fleet

Our service boasts a fleet of about a thousand vehicles, each with an average age of one year. Therefore, our automotive parade is exceptionally sustainable, reliable, and ecological. As most of our cars are new, they seldom require maintenance or replacement, aiding us in our journey towards even more ecological operations. A significant 68% of our passenger cars are various hybrids or electric vehicles. The rest of our passenger car fleet consists of ecological, low-emission, and fuel-efficient small gasoline cars. We can proudly state that our passenger car fleet is first-rate in terms of ecology.

In our fleet of vans, hybrids currently make up an impressive 21%, a considerable figure in the context of domestic vans. The number of hybrid vans in our fleet will continue to grow in the coming years. In the near future, we aim to renew our entire fleet to be more ecological, creating a more comprehensive and better-serving package for our customers. When cars are phased out of our lineup through our sales channels, they continue their life with new users, significantly rejuvenating Finland’s aging car stock. Thus, the vehicles in our service achieve a maximally extended lifespan through natural turnover. This long usage minimizes the impact of emissions generated during the manufacturing of the vehicles.

Green Energy, Facilities, and Consumption

Green Energy, Facilities, and Consumption

We strive to keep our company’s carbon footprint as small as possible, including in our facilities. The majority of our staff work remotely in a modern fashion. This remote working approach allows us to minimize the carbon footprint resulting from our employees’ commutes. Currently, our company has only one small office and two warehouse halls. All our facilities have an ecological electricity contract that utilizes renewable natural resources. Our overall water consumption is minimal. We aim to keep both water and electricity consumption as low as possible, and for instance, our vehicles are washed using modern washing equipment.

In our facilities, we endeavor to use vegan products and environmentally friendly chemicals. We sort all waste generated in our offices. We operate primarily in a digital environment and, for example, use hardly any paper at all. The carbon footprint of our facilities’ consumption is calculated and incorporated into our operational balance sheet. Going forward, our carbon footprint will be offset annually.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Vehicles 24Rent

Maintenance and Upkeep of Vehicles

We maintain and clean our vehicles using modern methods and tools. In cleaning our fleet, we use environmentally friendly and biodegradable chemicals that comply with EU standards. We purchase the necessary chemicals in as large quantities as possible to minimize the environmental impact of transportation. Steam cleaning and various waterless cleaning processes are an ecological way to clean our cars. The vehicles are serviced in accordance with maintenance schedules in collaboration with our partners, taking into account our ecological values.

Carbon Footprint Neutralization and Ecological Programs 24Rent

Carbon Footprint Neutralization and Ecological Programs

Our company collaborates with the domestic Wood Forest Finland, which objectively and transparently calculates our company’s carbon footprint. With the help of Wood Forest Finland, our company is able to neutralize the carbon footprint generated from our operations annually. Through the activities of Wood Forest Finland, the carbon footprint arising from our operations is sustainably offset into domestic carbon sinks. The carbon footprint neutralization for our customers is also carried out through Wood Forest Finland, making the process convenient, trustworthy, ecological, and transparent for them. In addition to the collaboration with Wood Forest Finland, our company begins as an annual donor in the domestic Seedling Act program of the 4H association. This program aims to increase the number of trees planted in our country and to employ young people. Furthermore, we act as a godparent and monthly donor to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation’s Kuukkeli Forest.

With all the aforementioned programs, we can proudly say that our company’s carbon footprint will be completely neutralized in the future. In reality, the amount of our compensation is more than what our operations would require. We want to act in accordance with our values and ethical principles, and overcompensation is the way a responsible company operates. We aim to be part of promoting greener practices and at the same time set an example for other Finnish companies.

The management and all employees of 24 Rental Network are working towards a more ecological future!


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