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Winter driving tips and car reservations in winter

Winter in Finland brings its own unique challenges and experiences on the road. On this page, we share comprehensive tips and guidelines to help you navigate safely and comfortably in winter conditions while using our car-sharing service. Whether it’s your first time driving on snowy roads or you’re an experienced winter driver, these tips will ensure that your car-sharing experience is smooth and safe during the cold season.


Dress warm and start your reservation 15 minutes in advance 24Rent

Before Your Reservation Starts

Prepare in advance and check the weather forecast before your journey! If snow or ice is expected, allocate extra time for your reservation!

Dress warmly and remember gloves, as you will need to clean the car of snow!

Arrive at the car early, as you have the opportunity to start using the car 15 minutes before your reservation begins!

Take your time during winter 24Rent

When Your Reservation Begins

The doors of our shared vehicles may be frozen due to low temperatures. If the doors are stuck, you can assist in opening them by gently pushing from the edge or the inside. Remember not to pull the handle too hard!

Don’t forget to preheat our vans! When you’re about to start one of our vans, you should turn the ignition key to the penultimate position before attempting to start the engine!

When traveling north fill the gasoline 24Rent

During your reservation

Always maintain a sufficient safety distance to the vehicle in front when driving. On snowy or icy roads, the braking distance is longer. Drive calmly. Do not rush.

If you are traveling north in our van, you need to fill up with winter-grade diesel! Please note that arctic diesel may not be available at all service stations in southern Finland.

FIll the tank with winter diesel 24Rent

At the End of Your Reservation

If you are driving a van, make sure to fill up the tank with winter diesel. Preferably, if arctic diesel is available at the service station, opt for that.

Ensure that you park the vehicle in a permitted and safe location. Even in winter, it’s crucial to park correctly, making sure that the vehicle is easily accessible for the next user.

Please note that you can access the car 15 minutes before your reservation starts!

All our cars include a snow brush with an ice scraper!