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Taking a 24Rent car abroad and cross-border travel permit

Are you taking a 24Rent car abroad?

Some of our service’s cars can be taken abroad, but for this, you will need a vehicle-specific export permit. The countries to which each car is allowed to be exported are always listed directly in our search engine when selecting the car.

You can purchase the export permit most affordably at the time of making your reservation. After paying for the reservation and the export permit, we will send the export permit to your email before the start of your reservation. You need to print the export permit for your trip. We do not deliver export permits by mail.

Please note that the export permit is always country-specific. When paying for your reservation, you need to know the final destination country for which you need the export permit. In addition, you need to be aware of any transit countries, as these will be asked of you after paying for the reservation.

Reservations for cars heading abroad must be made at least two business days before the planned departure abroad.

Our cars may not be taken, for example, to Russia, Belarus, Poland, or to Eastern or Southern Europe. Also, note that the prohibited countries must not serve as transit countries on your trip.

The deductible for traffic insurance when traveling abroad is quadrupled. In cases of theft, the deductible is 25% of the car’s value. The need for country-specific permits is due to international insurance and permit practices.


Our customer service operates as usual even when your journey takes you abroad. From our customer service, you can get information on how you should act if you encounter problems during your trip. You should immediately contact our customer service and the authorities of the respective country if you face any issues, or for instance, if you’re involved in a collision. The best way to reach us is through the m.24rent.fi service portal, but in urgent cases, we are also available by phone.

Our 24/7 roadside assistance and, for example, towing service are not available abroad. You will need to research and prepare in advance of your trip regarding the services available in your destination country. Our customer service aims to assist you in any problematic situation, but we cannot guarantee the high quality of our service when abroad.


Cars are equipped in accordance with Finnish legislation. You must familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of your destination country and consider these requirements when preparing for your trip (e.g., studded tire bans, high-visibility vests, fire extinguishers, etc.).

For winter trips, our service also offers cars equipped with friction tires. Studded tires are not allowed everywhere in Europe, so you must ensure the practices of your destination country. Our booking page indicates whether the car has friction or studded tires, making it easy for the booker to check what kind of tires the car has while making a reservation.


In several European countries, tolls and congestion charges are also in place, which the booker must take into account when planning the trip. For instance, in Sweden and parts of Europe, congestion charges cannot be paid on site. Depending on the country, congestion and toll charges may arrive up to 9 months after visiting the country. Once the charges reach us, we will bill the car booker for the congestion and toll fees, including handling fees.


The motor insurance is valid in permitted countries. In these countries, you can drive without worries, and for instance, in the event of an accident, the motor insurance is valid just as it is in Finland. However, please note that there might be significant differences in insurance procedures and, for instance, official practices in accident situations between countries.

Please note that you are not allowed to drive our cars through prohibited countries, as in these countries the insurance and international permits are not valid (prohibited countries are listed below).


We grant travel permits to the following European countries. In these countries, you can drive safely and without worries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

Please note that transit through these countries to your destination country is allowed.


Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

Please note that transit through these countries to your destination country is not allowed under any circumstances.

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When Making a Reservation

Please note that not all of our cars are available for an export permit. These cars cannot be taken outside of Finland. When making a reservation, you must choose one of our cars that is eligible for an export permit. The export permit must be purchased at the time of the car reservation. Ensure that you purchase the export permit when paying for your reservation if you wish to take the car abroad.

It’s essential to remember that export permits are not granted for reservations whose start date is too close to the payment date (e.g., last-minute departures). All export permits are processed individually by our customer service. The processing time for export permits is two business days.

After purchasing the export permit, our customer service will ask you for a list of the countries you will transit through on your journey. Be prepared to identify any transit countries up to and including your destination country and your return journey.

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Before the start of the reservation

Before the start of the reservation, you must ensure that you have the car-specific export permit printed with you. We do not send export permits by mail. If you haven’t purchased the export permit at the time of the reservation payment, you can buy an export permit by contacting our customer service.

The processing time for export permits is two full working days, and at the same time, the customer service checks the legality of the export for your chosen car. Purchasing an export permit at this stage is more expensive than when paying for the reservation. In addition, the booker will be charged an invoicing fee according to our service fees list.

Before the start of your reservation, you should also ensure the specific regulations of your destination country and take into account the requirements of your trip in your travel preparations. We recommend familiarizing yourself in advance with the instructions of the authorities in your destination and any transit countries and finding out how you should act in potential problem situations.

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During the reservation

Please remember that during your reservation, our customer service will assist you on your journey in case of any issues, whether you are still in your home country or already abroad. Depending on the situation, our customer service aims to assist you in the best possible way in case of issues or accidents that occur abroad.

However, it is essential for the booker to understand that the practices of different countries and their authorities, potential language barriers, and for instance, insurance procedures do not mirror the operations we have in our home country. In the event of any damages or problems, the booker should be prepared for the possibility that they might have to resolve the issue themselves while being abroad.

In all cases of problems or damages, the booker should immediately contact our customer service through the m.24rent.fi service portal or by phone.

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After the reservation

If, after a visit abroad, the car has incurred charges such as congestion charges, tolls, or automatic speed enforcement fines, these will be payable by the person who made the reservation once they are subsequently received from the destination countries. Once these charges reach us, we will bill the person who made the reservation for the incurred expenses, including our handling fees according to our service pricing. The payment term for these subsequent invoices is 14 days.

If any damage, vandalism, collisions, or other similar problematic situations occur during a reservation made abroad, these are always handled on a case-by-case basis. Our customer service will contact the person who made the reservation if further information is needed.

Please note that when traveling abroad, the deductible is quadrupled, and in cases of theft, it’s 25% of the car’s value!