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Shared car and what is car sharing?

A shared car is a vehicle that people can book online or by using an application.

Unlike traditional rental cars, shared cars can be reserved for short periods of time, and people pick up and drop off the cars themselves, without the presence of rental car company personnel.

Shared cars are located in easily accessible places in city centers and along public transport routes.


Why choose a shared car?

Privately owned cars sit idle for up to 95% of the time. However, when you use a shared car you only pay when you use it. And with 24Rent, you also get to enjoy driving a modern, low emission vehicle.


More room for life

One shared car can serve up to 8 users. Just one car frees up lots of space from the streets!

Shared cars are nowadays also available on many apartment building parking lots and business hotels, so they are even more accessible and convenient for various uses.


Shared cars are ecological

Last year, our hybrids covered two million kilometres. This produced a total of 241,100 kg less emissions than typical privately owned cars on average. The savings produced by one shared car equal the living-related carbon dioxide emissions produced by a Finn.