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What is 24 Rental Network Oy?

”Why is it so difficult to rent a car? I don’t want to go all the way to the other side of the city to queue in an office and waste time doing paperwork.”

This was the idea out of which 24 Rental Network was born. We want to make traveling easy and flexible for you – every day of the week. We also do our best to ensure that you can choose a modern vehicle for all your needs: nimble cars for city life, 4WDs for trips to the country and small vans for hardware store purchases.

By choosing 24Rent, you choose a trustworthy service developed and run in Finland. We make your life easier in 35 cities with our 1000 cars. 

You can rent our vehicles for a couple of hours or several days, depending on your need.

If you need a car immediately for a few minutes

In the Helsinki metropolitan area and Oulu, you can hop into one of our go now! cars. The service uses a simple minute-based fee.