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Get a free 24Rent membership by courtesy of Lumo

Lumo homes and 24Rent have created an ecological car sharing service for those who need cars or vans every now and then. The shared vehicles are available for all Lumo residents, regardless of their location.

The loyalty program has hundreds of vehicles in dozens of cities. You can choose from a wide range of vans and cars, including hybrids.

Shared 24Rent vehicles

from €19 (incl. VAT 24%)

Hyundai minileasing

Want to get your weekly shopping in one go? Heading to the country for the weekend? Moving house and need a van? 24Rent has the right vehicle for you, for the right price.

24Rent and Lumo

24/7 car and van rental

Rent a vehicle online any time, night or day.

Book 24/7 24Rent

Only takes 5 minutes

Renting a vehicle has never been quicker.

24Rent is cheap


You only pay for the rental time, fuel, and mileage.

24Rent cars available 24/7

Free parking

If your vehicle has a parking permit, parking is free in most areas.

Service near you

Shared vehicles complement public transport. They are actually good for the environment, as it has been calculated that, on average, one shared car replaces 8 to 25 privately-owned ones. The service is reliable and easy to use. You can pick up a car or a van whenever you need one, no matter what the time is. You can book a nearby car online to go shopping or the gym, for example. All you need is your phone to unlock the doors and you’re ready to go.

Shared 24Rent vehicles are an ideal solution to your traveling needs as they are always at your disposal – 24/7, 365 days of the year

Loyalty program

Lumo offers its residents a free 24Rent membership in which you are rewarded for frequent rentals. You have hundreds of 24Rent vehicles across Finland at your disposal.

You’ll reach the first tier after five rentals. Your reward is a gift card worth 10 euros. You can use it to lower the cost of your rental or to purchase an additional service, such as an extra driver or unlimited mileage.

The next tier is after 12 rentals, and you’ll be rewarded with another gift card. The subsequent rewards will be after 20 and 30 rentals, respectively.

The points are valid for 2 years from the date they were earned. All collected points expire when you move out of Lumo homes. Moving from one Lumo home to another one does not affect your points.


You’ll find a shared 24Rent vehicle near you. You can check the availability and location of all the vehicles on our website.

As a Lumo resident, you can enjoy a free 24Rent membership. The link below takes you to the My Lumo service.

Renting a car or a van is easy and takes no time at all!

book 24/7

1. Reserve a vehicle

Choose one that best suits your needs and make a reservation using your phone or computer.

choose location

2. Pick up the vehicle​

Take photos of the vehicle. The photos help to validate the condition of the vehicle should something happen. Unlock the doors using your phone as instructed. You’ll find the keys within the vehicle. Their exact location has been sent to you earlier.

choose car

3. Enjoy your trip!

Use the vehicle as if it were your own. In emergencies you can turn to our 24/7 Customer Service or Falck’s Roadside Assistance.

find car on your location

4. Return the vehicle

Fill up the tank and return the vehicle to its pick-up place. Pick up any trash and take photographs of the vehicle. Leave the keys in the vehicle as instructed and lock the doors using your phone.

Check out the video in Finnish!

Rental FAQ

How much is it to rent a car or a van?

Prices vary. You can see the current prices on our website at www.24Rent.fi. Enter the desired time and place and then search for available vehicles to see the cost of the rental.

When are you open?

You can rent a vehicle from us at any time, 24/7. Note that your first rental from us must start between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

What kind of vehicles do you have?

We have cars, vans, and minibuses of various sizes. To see what’s available at your location, visit www.24Rent.fi and search for vehicles.

How do I know what vehicles are available?

All our vehicles are listed on our website at  www.24Rent.fi. Enter the desired location and time and then search to see available vehicles and the cost of the rental.

Can I take cars or vans abroad?

Most of our vehicles are available for cross-border trips to certain European countries, provided you purchase a cross-border permit. For details, visit www.24Rent.fi. Search for vehicles that meet your criteria and then use the filter to check which vehicles are eligible for cross-border travel.

Do I need a credit card to rent a vehicle from you?

No. As well as a credit card, you can also pay for your rental using your online bank or mobile pay, You can even request an invoice (due date before the start of the rental period).

Do I have to provide a security deposit?

Depending on the case, we may require a security deposit. This, however, is rare. Over 95% of our rentals do not require any security deposit.

What kind of insurance cover do you have?

Our vehicles have a standard car insurance policy and insurance that covers elk collisions, fire, theft, and collisions. You can also purchase additional insurance for your rental. For details visit www.24Rent.fi.