I'm a Finnish citizen living in USA and came back for a family vacation to Helsinki. I needed a car to get to our summer cabin for a group of 6 people and really did not want to pay the normal high rental fees only to have the car sitting in a parking lot for 4-5 days while paying for it's use. 24rent.fi was a perfect solution since they rent both new and older vehicles and the rates are very reasonable. In addition to the price point, they utilize a combination of technology for an efficient transaction, combined with real people answers email questions in a responsive manner. Overall, a very well thought out and executed concept and well run company. Next time I come to Finland, I won't need to spend hours searching for a good rental deal and will plan to just go to 12rent.fi. The 9 person minibus was is good shape and we had no mechanical issues at all. As long as one's expectation is that they are renting a vehicle that is in good shape, but won't be new and shiny like a traditional rental company, you will be very happy with your experience. Highly recommended.