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24Rent MiniLease

24Rent MiniLease is the perfect solution for a variety of driving needs. It provides more flexibility and less commitment than longer leasing options. For a fixed monthly fee, you get to drive a modern car or van, often during the next business day.

We have vehicles in 30 cities and towns. Select a car or van model from the available options and reserve it online.

Shared vehicle or MiniLease?

24Rent’s fleet of over 350 vehicles is mainly used for short-term rentals (shared vehicles) but we also offer a selected range for short-term leasing (MiniLease).

Short-term rentals are shared vehicles that you can rent for a few hours or days. A shared vehicle means that the vehicle is used by a number of people. You can reserve it for your own use but once your reservation ends, someone else can then reserve it for their own use. All vehicles can be found in easily accessible locations, such as city centers and railway stations.

Short-term leasing is called a MiniLease. You rent a MiniLease vehicle for at least 30 days, during which it is at your disposal the entire time. No one else can reserve it during that period, even if you are not using it for days. Most cities let you apply for a resident parking permit for a MiniLease vehicle.

If you need a car or a van for less than 30 days, a shared vehicle may suit your needs better than a MiniLease.

Minilease for private and business use
24Rent minilease 2 months to 12 months

Choose online today and set off tomorrow

Finding the best leasing deal and securing the desired vehicle can be exhausting. We don’t want to make our customers go through unnecessary motions. Our process is entirely digital, so you can sit back and choose the make and model of your MiniLease vehicle while sipping your morning coffee. Usually your vehicle is ready for you the next business day.

If something goes wrong, you can turn to our 24/7 Customer Service or REDGO’s Roadside Assistance.