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Windshield, tire and cancellation insurance

Additional coverages are for your safety!

Our service’s various additional coverages are primarily for the benefit of our customers and provide peace of mind. For instance, the windshield and tire protection offers thousands of our customers peace of mind throughout the year.



Windshield coverage covers damages that have occurred to the windshield, for example, from flying gravel. If you purchase our optional windshield coverage service, you will not have to pay a deductible for such damages.

Please note that windshield coverage does not cover damages caused from the inside of the car, nor damages that have been intentionally caused by the user.

It’s important to understand that if your car’s windshield gets a stone chip during your reservation, and you don’t have windshield coverage, you will pay the standard deductible in addition to handling fees and any potential downtime days for the car.

The person booking the car must report all new windshield damages to our customer service, even if they have purchased windshield coverage!


Tire protection covers the direct costs incurred from a tire puncture, such as patching the tire, replacing it, and any potential towing service. In addition, with tire protection, you receive a replacement vehicle or other alternative transportation for the duration of your original reservation, if the tire cannot be patched on the spot. Availability is influenced by location and time, so please contact our customer service in case of a flat tire.

Tire protection does not cover additional damages caused by driving on a deflated tire, nor damages to the vehicle or third parties. Please note that tire protection in no circumstances covers indirect costs caused by the puncture, such as possible public transportation expenses, taxi costs, or delays in a scheduled meeting. Always ensure you allocate enough time for your journey.


You can find the detailed cancellation policy in our rental terms. In short, you can cancel your reservation at least 7 days before the start of the booking without any charges. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the booking fee you paid.

If you wish, you can purchase an optional cancellation protection for your booking, which allows you to cancel up to at least two (2) hours before the start of the booking without any charges. In this case, you will receive a refund of the booking fee you paid. Please note that the refund does not include the paid cancellation protection.

All refunds in accordance with the cancellation policy will be made to the payment method used within four (4) banking days. Please note that the refund may be affected by potential bank transaction days.

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When making a reservation

When making a reservation, you have the opportunity to purchase windshield, tire, and cancellation protection. At this stage, buying windshield and tire protection for your booking is the most cost-effective. If you want to save money, it’s advisable to purchase these additional protections now!

Please note when making your reservation that cancellation protection cannot be purchased for bookings starting in less than 24 hours, nor for our last-minute departures.

You cannot purchase cancellation protection for your booking after this stage, so remember to buy it when making your reservation if you feel it’s necessary.

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Before the start of your reservation

Before the start of your reservation, you still have the opportunity to purchase windshield and tire protection through the m.24rent service portal. Buying windshield and tire protection before the start of the reservation is slightly more expensive than when making the reservation, so we recommend purchasing the additional protections during the reservation phase.

Please note that it is not possible to purchase cancellation protection at this point. If you have purchased cancellation protection, you can cancel your reservation no later than two hours (2h) before the start of your reservation and we will refund your reservation fee. The refund does not cover the paid price for the cancellation protection.

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During the reservation

During the reservation, you will not have the option to purchase windshield, tire, or cancellation insurance.

If at the start of the reservation and upon inspecting the car you notice a damage on the windshield, please check the m.24rent-service portal’s damage list to see if the windshield damage has already been reported. You do not need to do anything if the damage has already been listed.

If during the reservation the car’s tire bursts, or the windshield gets damaged, the person who made the reservation should immediately and firstly contact our customer service, even if they have purchased windshield and tire insurance. This way, we can handle the matter quickly, and you can continue your journey as soon as possible without worries.

In all cases of damage, problems, and accidents, the person who booked the car should immediately contact us through the m.24rent.fi-service portal or by phone.

windshield, tire and cancellation insurance 24Rent

After the reservation

If during the reservation you have experienced damage to the windshield, for example, it is advisable to contact our customer service immediately. Different windshield and tire damages are very common and such damages are always noticed.

If any damage has occurred during the reservation and the damage has not been reported to us, these damages are always handled on a case-by-case basis. The customer who has made the reservation will always incur additional charges for not reporting according to our service price list.

Please note that the person who reserved the car must immediately report any windshield and tire damages, even if they have purchased additional protection for their reservation.