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Driving distance and kilometers

Mileage options in our service

In our service, you have two different options to choose from for your total mileage reservation. Please note that fuel is not included in the price for either option.

It is recommended to use the car’s own trip meter to monitor the mileage generated by your reservation, so you can keep track of the distance traveled.



If you choose city driving, your reservation includes 100 kilometers of free driving per day. So, if you book a car for, let’s say, five days, you can drive a total of 500 kilometers during your reservation period at no extra charge.


This option is suitable for you if you drive a lot, and the city driving limit is not enough for your journey. We recommend adding unlimited mileage to your reservation if you’re not quite sure about the distance you’ll be driving.

Driving distance and kilometres - 24Rent

When Making a Reservation

If you already know the expected mileage for your upcoming reservation, you can conveniently choose the included mileage at the time of booking.

If you’re uncertain about the mileage you’ll accrue during the reservation, you can opt for unlimited mileage. Unlimited mileage ensures that you can drive as much as you want without worrying about additional charges.

Unlimited mileage and kilometres - 24Rent

Before the reservation begins

If you didn’t purchase unlimited kilometers when making the reservation, you still have the opportunity to buy unlimited kilometers at a discounted rate through our service portal at m.24rent.fi at this stage.

Once your reservation has started, you will no longer be able to purchase unlimited kilometers.

Mileage options 24Rent

During the reservation

During the reservation, you can no longer purchase unlimited kilometers, but you can buy additional kilometers according to our service fee list through our m.24rent.fi service portal.

Please note that purchasing additional kilometers during the reservation period is often significantly more expensive compared to the option of pre-purchasing unlimited mileage.

Exceeded kilometres - 24Rent

After the reservation and exceeded kilometers

If you haven’t selected unlimited kilometers for your reservation and you exceed the included mileage, any excess kilometers will be billed retrospectively according to our service fees. We will send you an invoice via email with a 14-day payment period, which includes the billing fee.

Please note that retrospectively billed excess kilometers may end up being more expensive than pre-purchased unlimited kilometers. If you are unsure about your future mileage, we recommend opting for unlimited kilometers.

Oneway mileage and Oneway kilometres - 24Rent

Oneway and mileage

In our service, we also offer a One Way service, which allows you to book a one-way car rental. The mileage for One Way is designed to be flexible for our customers, as all One Way reservations include the selected city-to-city distance + 100 km.

For example, if you choose a One Way trip from Helsinki to Tampere (180 km), you will have 280 km of complimentary driving available for your journey.

Please remember that if needed, you can purchase additional kilometers from our customer service for One Way reservations as well.

Please remember that fuels are not included in any of our service options. The vehicle must always be refueled before returning it!