Case: Ravintola Magu

Helsinkiläinen Ravintola Magu päätti perustaa verkkokaupan ja aloittaa kotiinkuljetukset. Me autoimme kuljetusauton järjestelyissä ja Magu sai palkattua uuden työntekijän kotiinkuljetuksiin autokuluissa säästämällä. (teksti luettavissa englanniksi)

As the whole service industry is struggling due to the corona virus, we also had to cut back on our staff. Our reservations first dropped by over 80%, then to 0%- we’ve now decided to only deliver food. The effect on us is massive, but we decided as a group to look beyond this. Magu only exists with the community around it, with the neighborhood, with people eating healthy plant based food. Food unites and we want to do our part and stay connected (with a safe distance) with our customers & community.

We will also be collecting a ”social euro” (hummus by name on the shop) will support and feed some of the hungry and struggling, we want to make these deliveries personally to risk groups and otherwise incapable of taking care of themselves. Thanks to 24Rent we are able to hire One more Person to make these deliveries safely.

Any support would mean more deliveries, hiring more staff, and more affordable food for a struggling community. Helping us to be able to GIVE out more food for FREE for those in desperate need.We are hoping the food delivery works out as it seems the only way we can run our business at present. Times are hard but at Magu we will stay positive, busy and help out the local community in need.

– Shpat Qerimi

Magun sivusto on www.maguhelsinki.fi